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grape juice Import formalities What information is needed?

grape  juice Import formalities What information is needed?
We focus on China  import business service,to provide import China  Customs Clearance service,below is our introducttion:
1.China  Customs Clearance: sea states international logistics supply chain co., LTD., a wholly owned holding company is a private, located in shenzhen luohu, dongguan, Shanghai pudong south Beijing. After many years of operation, the company brought together a group of high-quality talent proficient business, has a wealth of operating experience, improve the operation of the control process, is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive import and export trade, logistics integration services.
2.service products: general import and export China  Customs Clearance, inspection consulting, logistics, project plan; , agent import and export goods customs inspection, port, transportation, warehousing operations services; , agent certificate for the record; , perform inspection, tax shall be in Hong Kong; Agent export wood packaging fumigation certificates, container optimum load test;
 3.features: · "door to door" one-stop import and export China  Customs Clearance through inspection logistics solution; Imported equipment, used mechanical and electrical, used production line, chemicals, timber, minerals, food and beverage, wine, r.f, fruits and other China  Customs Clearance services;
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